Amy Poehler in the November 2014 issue of The Oprah Magazine (x)

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yeah, i feel like they're trying to make danny be offensive when he wasn't like that last season???????? i mean, he teased mindy obviously but not about weird and offensive things like the writers are making him seem this season and i just hate it because yeah

This is all true. They are making Danny an extreme version of himself in the most non-appealing way possible. My male roommate who watches the show occasionally and likes it - left the room tonight because he couldn’t stand how horrible and offensive it was. “Next to you that’s the most valuable thing I own” - like what even is this sentence and why?! What are the writers doing? Also the b-story with Jeremy and Peter is ridiculous and awkward - why is it okay to just steal someone’s girlfriend and be so unemotional about it? I hope they sort all of this out, I haven’t given up on the show quite yet…

The Mindy Project has some MAJOR issues right now. If it doesn’t get sorted out - I might have to stop watching, which would make me sad because the show used to be perfect.


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My favorite casts: 1/   Parks And Recreation 

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