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PaleyFest last night was beyond amazing. (and yes that is the stage where John Travolta said ‘Adele Dazeem’)

That episode was my favorite and then the Greatest Event was my favorite and that was a lot of greatness in one night. Adam Scott is perfection. Also Paul Rudd. Tom Hanks. Billy Joel. I can’t.

@mradamscott: Two new #ParksandRec episodes tonight at 8 with these dummies

10 Incredible True Facts About Adam Scott, According To Adam Scott


Adam Scott Is The Man You Want And Need

I’m not gonna say my life is hard, but my favorite actor does have the same name as a pro golfer. And I have to deal with that sometimes.

He would.

"The Talent and Adam are ready."

Amy Poehler - The Greatest Event in Television History

Paul Scheer and Adam Scott cowrote the new Greatest Event in Television History! So much greatness. image