This week I got to see Amy Poehler read a chapter from her book and it’s already my favorite book that’s ever been written. Can’t wait to read the rest of my favorite book when it actually comes out in October!

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PaleyFest last night was beyond amazing. (and yes that is the stage where John Travolta said ‘Adele Dazeem’)

"Watch Parks and Rec they said, it’s a comedy they said."

Me - right now 

Just watched Ann and Chris…

How long are they going to keep “The Fight” and “Road Trip” in the wrong order on Netflix? Like it’s 2014 now and that seems unacceptable.


Just bought my Parks&Rec PaleyFest tickets!


"Amy Fucking Poehler won!!!!!!"

Me - for the last hour and a half or so 

They are literally just calling him Larry now. 

Watch Parks and Rec they said, it’s a comedy they said.

@mradamscott: Two new #ParksandRec episodes tonight at 8 with these dummies

Sunday I went on the Crash Test Bus with Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. Basically we rode around Hollywood yelling at homeless people and finding random celebrities. It was one of the stranger nights of my life. Also, one of the best!

NBC Update: No new episodes of Parks for the rest of the year. Old episodes of Friends, Best Vine Videos of 2012 & a 30 minute loop of a duck walking in circles will air in it’s place.